Isnin, Oktober 25, 2010

‘World’s Coolest Intern‘

 Sape nak jadi menjadi World's Coolest Intern dengan Standard Chartered Bank!

Standard Chartered Bank  sedang mencari ‘Worlds Coolest Intern’ untuk bergabung dengan pasukan Breeze mobile banking di Standard Chartered Bank, Singapura.

Sila baca fakta dulu:
  • A 6-months internship programme with total remuneration of SGD30,000
  • Perks includes training on social media and online engagement from partners GOODSTUPH, Edelman, Qais Consulting, JamiQ, Google, Nuffnang and Visible Banking
  • To help amplify your application reach SCB and Google supporting first 100 applicants with SGD100 with Google Adwords credit, for more details click here
  • You can be one of the 20 lucky World’s Coolest Intern contestants to join Nuffnang’s blog grooming techniques workshop in 2011
  • You don’t need to be in Singapore to apply, for more details click here
  • Closing date: 15 October 2010 31 October 2010
  • Internship start date: On a mutually agreed date between the winner and Standard Chartered BankJump to how to submit, click here
Selamat mencuba!!!

 Bacalah  penjelasannya (klik kat SINI)

 If you’re feeling deflated because you’re not in Singapore and you’re not a student required to undergo an internship programme, fear not! Standard Chartered accepts applicants from all over the world, and it doesn’t matter if you’re 19, 29 or 39 – all you need is passion, a thirst for learning, and really fast thumbs to keep up with all the Tweeting and Facebooking.

Come to think of it, the description we just wrote sounds exactly like how we’d describe Nuffnangers – a lively, passionate bunch always ready to learn. We think a Nuffnanger would be a PERFECT fit for the position so yes, we’re challenging all of you to vie for the position of World’s Coolest Intern! Who’s up for the challenge?! *trumpets blare*

It would be totally awesome if all 10 finalists were Nuffnangers, but because there’s only one spot though, we wanna show you how supportive we are and reward you even if you don’t make the cut. :D Here’s what you need to do.

Akak rasa akak tak layak.
 Jadi jangan tuggu lagi yer.  Sape yang rasa layak cepat-cepatlah   Memohon  yer.

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