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Garnier Mineral Deodorant

Garnier Goes Tough and Effective for Total Deodorant Care
With its powerful blend of the active natural Mineralite, NEW Garnier Mineral gives you all-day protection and all-day comfort. Also, the brand takes a green turn with a special environmental project.

Because of the hot and humid weather we live in, perspiration is unfortunately something completely unavoidable. In fact, it is essential for our body to sweat, as this helps regulate body temperature when it comes close to overheating due to fever or exertion by moistening skin’s surface. Not only that, it also helps to eliminate toxin from the body as well as protects areas of skin exposed to friction when mixed with sebum and allows for gripping.

But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with the discomfort of sweating. Let’s face it – being drenched in sweat is hardly a nice feeling. What more when the sweat stains are obvious; imagine being embarrassed as well!

Fortunately, you can do without all that discomfort as well as embarrassment yet still allow your body to go through this essential mechanism. All thanks to Garnier and its range of deodorants from Garnier Mineral

The one thing that sets Garnier Mineral apart from the rest of the deodorants in the market? Its active ingredient – Mineralite – sourced straight from Mother Nature. Found deep within volcanoes, Mineralite is an ultra-lightweight micro-porous mineral formed by volcanic gases. Garnier has extracted this active ingredient from volcanic mountains to be used in all Garnier Mineral deodorants.
What makes Mineralite so powerful is its remarkable absorption abilities, a necessary function for effective deodorants. Amongst its beneficial properties are:

* Able to retain four times its volume in water.
With its porous structure, Mineralite is extremely powerful when it comes to retaining water. Used in a deodorant, this is effective to help absorb the sweat your body omits, leaving you in a dry and cool condition.

* Five times more absorbency than regular talc.
Most deodorants use talc as the main active ingredient to facilitate the absorbing function. However, with Garnier Mineral, it is able to absorb up to five times more than talc because of the powerful Mineralite. This will prove its effectiveness when you need it most on hotter days or when you are involved in an activity to help absorb not only the sweat but also odour.

* Dry and soft to the touch
Last thing you want is to feel sticky and uncomfortable due to your deodorant, not your sweat. Unfortunately, most deodorants leave you feeling that way, which defeats the purpose of using a deodorant in the first place! Let’s not even talk about when the deodorant shows through your clothes, whether it is a wet patch or white residue. With Garnier Mineral, you can rest assure that none of this will happen. Thanks to Mineralite’s powder composition as well as its natural ability to absorb water and evaporate. Because of this, skin is dry to touch and feel exceptionally soft, instantly after application!

* Works like a second layer of protection.
While skin helps with perspiration, Mineralite also offers its own protection, making Garnier Mineral a second layer of protection for you. How does this work? Mineralite helps regulate perspiration. When this happens, the wet and damp feeling is lessen on skin’s surface, leaving behind a dry and cool sensation. Also, with its anti-bacterial properties, Garnier Mineral helps prevent bacterial growth that causes odour, so you feel confident all day long.

Think immediate absorption, instant dryness, continuous protection and all-day comfort – with Garnier Mineral and the effective Mineralite! Get your bottle of Garnier Mineral deodorant today to experience this effective formula. There is a deodorant for everyone in this wide range.

Extra whitening care
Garnier  Mineral Light 50ml                             RM6.90          
Garnier Mineral Light Extra 20ml                    RM3.90
Garnier Mineral Light Extra 50ml                    RM7.90

Sensitive skin
Garnier Mineral Light Sensitive 20ml              RM3.90
Garnier Mineral Light Sensitive 50ml              RM7.90

Drier action
Garnier Mineral Dry Care 20ml                       RM3.60
Garnier Mineral Dry Care 50ml                       RM6.90

Silky, soft-to-touch finish
Garnier Mineral Silky Smooth 50ml                RM7.90

Get it today to experience the comfort and dryness Garnier Mineral can give you. Available at all major hypermarkets, pharmacies and retail outlets this April 2011.

No more wet and sticky feeling. Say goodbye to sweat and odour. Be confident whole day long with Garnier Mineral deodorants!

To celebrate Garnier Mineral’s natural volcanic origins as well as the brand’s Take Care philosophy, Garnier is organising an environmental-friendly effort, known as the Sayingi Dirimu dan Hargai Dunia Anda green campaign, which will be held among local universities in the nation. This campaign is a four months effort whereby its aim is to collect as many used deodorant bottles from any brand for recycling purposes.

From 7th March 2011 to 30th June 2011, students from these universities are encouraged to deposit their used bottles at the nearest deposit stations. Their efforts will be rewarded as each month, a lucky student from each university stands a chance to win RM50 worth of Garnier products while the three students who collected the most bottles throughout the campaign will win an Apple iPad each. And the grand prize for Sayangi Dirimu dan Hargai Dunia Anda green campaign? The university that collects the most bottles will win RM15,000! Indeed, amazing rewards for a noble cause.

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