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Reveal Instant Youth with Just One Swipe of Foundation

Tentu semua wanita baik yang remaja, wanita berkerja dan suri rumah kenal dengan bedak asas (foundation).  Masa anak dara pun akak pakai sebab nak tutup noda tercela yang ada di muka akak sebab masa anak dara muka akak memang ada jerawat.  Jadi bila gunakan bedak asas semua tu boleh menutupi semua itu.  Tapi masa tu akak guna bedak asas yang harga sederhana sahaja.

Tapi sekarang ni akak guna L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Duo Powder Foundation SPF30/PA++ sebab ia ada rawatan anti penuaan .  Rahsianya kerana bedak asas ini  mempunyai Adenosine, rumusan yang membuatkan kulit lembut, licin dan menghaluskan tanda-tanda kedutan.

Revitalift Duo Powder Foundation juga tahan sehingga 12 jam dan telah di uji pada wanita di seluruh Asia dan hasilnya cukup menakjubkan.  Bukan sahaja lengkap dengan rawatan anti-penuaan, lengkap dengan perlindungan matahari dengan formula SPF30/PA + +. Mempunyai lebih dari 10 warna anda yakin boleh menemui warna yang sesuai dan sempurna untuk di gunakan.

Revitalift Duo Powder Foundation SPF30/PA++ tersedia ada di semua counter
L'Oréal Paris pada April 2011 dengan harga RM69.9.  Duo Revitalift pertama anti-penuaan Powder Foundation untuk  penjagaan kulit anda dari L’Oréal Paris. Cubalah.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut rujuk kepada info di bawah.

Reveal Instant Youth with Just
One Swipe of Foundation
Fine lines still showing? Time to take charge against them and look flawless instead with the pioneer of anti-ageing, now in your makeup too!

When it comes to protecting your skin against ageing, don’t leave anything up to chance. While you may already be diligently using both day and night skincare products to help keep ageing signs at bay, you should also know that just doing so is not enough for around-the-clock anti-ageing protection.

What else do you need? A skincare-like powder foundation that helps soften the signs of ageing, creating that flawless finish you have always wanted. Does such product exist?

The answer is yes with L’Oréal Paris. Using the same expertise in its anti-ageing skincare range Revitalift, L’Oréal Paris’s scientists have developed a revolutionary anti-ageing makeup that works just as effectively.

Take charge against anti-ageing with L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Duo Powder Foundation SPF30/PA++. Ultra gentle in texture but tough on ageing, Revitalift Duo Powder Foundation gives your skin total anti-ageing care with its potent formula that works not only to combat ageing signs but to also give your complexion instant youth. Fine lines are smoothened, wrinkles are reduced and features are illuminated, giving you a fresh and vibrant complexion.
What makes Revitalift Duo Powder Foundation a breakthrough in anti-ageing is its effective formula. The secret behind it? Adenosine, an ingredient that is packed with anti-ageing properties, to focus on instantly smoothening fine lines and wrinkles, leaving behind a natural-looking complexion all day long.

With Adenosine, Revitalift Duo Powder Foundation helps re-establish skin’s barrier, keeping it plump and firm. Because of its Myorelaxant property, Adenosine works almost in a Botox-like effect, except that it is more natural and gentle on skin. Revitalift Duo Powder Foundation’s ultra-fine powder texture helps penetrate Adenosine deep into skin. Use this ultra-gentle powder foundation and you will instantly focus out signs of ageing for a clean and natural complexion.

Revitalift Duo Powder Foundation completes the anti-ageing care with a lifting finish, one that is made possible with its Features Defining Highlighter. Almost like a touch of light, this two-way cake highlights your facial features such as your cheekbones and nose, so your complexion appears illuminated. The result? Instant youth with just one swipe of powder. Complete with lipophobic and hydrophobic powders, Revitalift Duo Powder Foundation gives you coverage that lasts up to 12 hours, which means a long-lasting youthful effect for hours!


Step 1) Ultra-gentle powder foundation:
Charged with Adenosine, it smoothen fine lines and wrinkles with an instant lifting effect.
With light, short strokes, apply in downward direction to even out under eyes and blend out unevenness.

(Step 2) Defining highlighter:
Ivory cream highlighter provides a luminous and lifted complexion for up to 8 hours.
With corner of sponge, lightly pad the ivory cream highlighter on outer cheekbones, nosebridge and above eyebrow arches.

A light matte finish, your skin feels so soft and refined to the touch. Instantly, complexion gives out a soft light finish as if skin regained its youthfulness.

Tested on Asian women all over, the results are outstanding – natural matte finish, sheer coverage, minimised pores, even skin tone, overall youthful appearance. In short, a comfortable, easy-to-use makeup that not only gives you what you want in terms of coverage but also anti-ageing care! Complete with suncare protection with its SPF30/PA++ formula, giving you even more protection from the sun, skin’s worst enemy. With over 10 shades, you can be sure to find one that suits your skin tone perfectly.
If you someone who’s more comfortable with using liquid foundation, why not try the Revitalift Liquid Foundation? Formulated with effective anti-ageing properties, this precise liquid foundation gives skin a lifting effect and visibly younger complexion the instant you apply it on. It reduces the appearances of wrinkles and fine lines with its active ingredients, Pro-Retinol A Forte to boost cell renewal, and Fibre-Elastyl to combat against the deterioration of elastin fibres in your skin, keeping it firm and youthful looking.

L’Oréal’s phenomenal anti-ageing range, Revitalift provides active ingredients in its skincare products to give the ultimate protection against ageing effects. A formula made exceptional by ingredients such as Pro-Retinol A Forte and Fibre-Elastyl, wrinkles and saggy skin condition are a thing from the past for today’s women who seek a solution for younger skin. With constant use of Revitalift products day and night, skin experiences more firmness, better elasticity and facial contours definition, supple skin and ultimately, younger-looking skin.
Launched in 2007, L’Oréal Revitalif is a complete care range – Revitalift Milky Foam to cleanse and revitalise skin; Revitalift Aqua Milky Toner to remove impurities from deep within the pores, Revitalift Day Care with SPF18 to protect against daily UV rays for a reinforced anti-ageing effect and now, Revitalif Duo Powder Foundation SPF30/PA++ for anti-ageing protection in a makeup form. 

L’Oréal Paris’s Revitalift range is represented by none other than international star and modern Chinese beauty Gong Li. A global spokesperson for the brand, Gong Li embodies the present-day Chinese woman, not only with her stunning looks but also her success in her career. She has starred in many acclaimed movies such as Red Sorghum (her 1987 debut lead which brought her instant public recognition after the movie won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival), To Live, The Story of Qiu Ju (Best Actress in the 1992 Venice Film Festival’s Volpi Cup), Farewell my Concubine (1993 Palme D’Or in Cannes), Shanghai Triad, Temptress Moon, Chinese Box, The Emperor and the Assassin, Breaking the Silence (Best Actress in the 1999 Montreal World Film Festival) and in Hollywood Memories of a Geisha, Miami Vice and Hannibal Rising. She will be seen next in Shanghai – a new film by Mikael Håfström – alongside John Cusask, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Chow Yun-Fat. Gong Li will appear in all communication materials for Revitalift anti-ageing makeup range.

Revitalift Duo Powder Foundation SPF30/PA++ will be available at all L’Oréal Paris counters nationwide fro, April 2011 onwards. Priced at RM69.90, give your skin total anti-ageing care with the first anti-ageing Revitalift Duo Powder Foundation.

Lines are smoothed out. Features are redefined. Skin looks youthful, instantly with just one swipe of foundation. Only with L’Oréal Paris.

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