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Dewy and Fair Skin At Just One Touch

Get more for your skin in terms of glow, hydration and luminosity with the breakthrough watery formula for L’Oréal Paris White Perfect Moisturizing Watery Cream.

Today’s women are no longer strangers to whitening products. In fact, the skincare (and makeup) market is so saturated with a variety of whitening products that claim to do miracles for your skin that women have plenty to choose from. But how many of you have found the ideal whitening care that suits you most?

Because when it comes to whitening products, the one major issue most women have is texture. What makes a skincare product so easy and pleasant to use is ultimately how it feels on your skin. Women want something that glides on easily and is instantly absorbed by the skin. Not only that, they are also looking for a product that provides a feeling of hydration upon application. As water makes up an important element for healthy skin, it is crucial then for us to experience this hydration boost when we apply the product on our skin.

The question you should ask now is this: Can your current whitening range give you hydration as well as whitening benefits?


With L’Oréal Paris’s new White Perfect Moisturizing Watery Cream, the answer is yes. That’s right, a day whitening moisturiser that incorporates the concept of hydration into its very core formula. White Perfect Moisturizing Watery Cream’s amazing texture is what makes this cream such a sensorial treat for you. Think radiant and dewy, think skin that looks and feels fresh. The watery texture is so lightweight that the cream is instantly absorbed into skin, leaving behind a fresh chill after application. Skin feels soft and refreshed, as well as full of moisture without that sticky or uncomfortable after-feel most moisturisers have.

Thanks to White Perfect Moisturizing Watery Cream’s advanced watery texture, you get that hydration boost you seek with this exceptional whitening product. Skin is completely hydrated, up to eight hours! That’s eight hours of comfort, softness, an overall fresh feeling and a soothing sensation. Upon application, you know for sure that your skin is getting the best in terms of hydration with this day cream.

At the same time, you will also experience amazing whitening results where skin is fairer, more luminous and glows day after day. That’s not all – White Perfect Moisturizing Watery Cream helps to visibly reduce the intensity of brown spots and clear up dark areas. Sounds like a dream cream? You bet it is!

What makes White Perfect Moisturizing Watery Cream so revolutionary: technology and ingredients.
Melanin Block™
White Perfect Moisturizing Watery Cream contains the powerful Melanin Block™ at the source of the pigmentation process by inhibiting tyrosinase, a key enzyme in melanin production (the cause of brown spots and uneven skintone). Used at its highest concentration, Melanin Block™ is able to reduce the quantity of melanin produced by 53 percent! What does this mean? With Melanin Block™ in White Perfect Moisturizing Watery Cream, the production of brown spots is inhibited, helping skin to look its fairest.

 Tourmaline Gemstone
You know how dazzling and brilliant gemstones can be so imagine if one was used in your skincare product? Now, wouldn’t your skin experience the same shine and brilliance? That is exactly what you get with White Perfect Moisturizing Watery Cream and its unique ingredient, tourmaline gemstone, which is known for its ability to stimulate microcirculation.

After four weeks of using White Perfect Moisturizing Watery Cream:
91.8 percent said skin feels hydrated
91.8 percent said skin is softer
98 percent said the product is gentle on the skin
93.9 percent said the product provides a fresh sensation on the skin
95.9 percent said skin looks more radiant, brighter and luminous
91.8 percent said skin looks more transparent
89.8 percent said skin tone looks fairer
91.8 percent said skin’s dullness looks diminished
* Tests on 49 Asian native women aged from 18 to 65. The product is applied on the whole face, once daily, in the evening over one four weeks’ period.

Why settle for any regular whitening product when you can get your hands on one that does not only the whitening job but also leaves your skin in total hydration comfort? With White Perfect Moisturizing Watery Cream, it is exactly what you want in a whitening product – a comfortable hydrated feeling that feels so great on the skin, results you can see instantly, and effectiveness that lasts. In short, a moisturiser you can’t say no to!

Get your jar of pure watery bliss with White Perfect Moisturizing Watery Cream at only RM39.90 for 50ml. Available in June 2011 onwards, it will be sold nationwide at all L’Oréal Paris counters.

An instant burst of hydration upon application. A refreshing feeling you will absolutely love.

Skin tone looks fairer, transparent and radiant. Give your skin what it deserves with L’Oréal Paris White Perfect Moisturizing Watery Cream.

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