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L `Oreal Paris Shine Caresse

Sensual Young Dynamics
Baby doll
Ingenue surprising shiny

L ' Oréal Paris present Shine caresse: the new generation ink glossy lipstick
A new emotion
insolent and tender

For all the young women who dream to wear sensual colors with shine light and modern for lips naturally sublimated.

Fresh and sensuous brilliance: Shine caress redefines the brilliance to make it more
natural and modern through her wet lips effect. A new generation of make-up which offers a double effect: lips that infuse color sublimated by shine fresh as a pop shine on your lips caress.
Through a color result that lasts in time, without effect, but with a light shine, Shine caress brings light and radiance to your face.

Shine caress, an easy to apply a single fluid texture gesture, for a unique, fresh and modern gloss result!

The infusion Color sensation wet lips Shine caresse deposited on the lips smooth texture ultra-light, which immediately blends with the skin, a bitten lip effect that lasts, allied to a comfort and a unreleased freshness. For a redefinition of the gloss and lips feel wet.

His secret: An exceptional water thanks to a concentration unique formula with 30% water and 60% oils: for a unique freshness.
Shine caress:
• A bitten lip effect
• Light and luminous shine
• Long term coverage
• A feeling of freshness and hydration
 Applicator pen
Shine caress foam brush let voices shine light and subtle through the tiny hole in the center that allows to remove excess material as and as the application.
Indeed, it takes the form of a feather that perfectly marries the lips to facilitate the application in a single gesture and no mirror. Feather applicator to accentuate the side shiny, comfortable and non-sticky texture.
Water, Plasticizer & protective oils, Polyurethane, ethylcellulose, Mother of Pearl.
 Barbara Palvin (International Model), is the new (and youngest) ambassador of L'oreal Paris. She is the pretty face of Color Caresse lip colour and Miss Candy cosmetic range.

Easy to wear, pop, acidulous, the fuschia most to the sweetest nude, passing by coral, Peach and rose gentle, caress Shine palettes flatter the complexion, beautiful smile and show the see pink.

NOW available in-store February 2013 onwards at a recommende retail price of RM35.90 each while stocks last.

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